Social media vs. social change

Sometimes, we hear a lot of from people bemoaning the destructive impact of social media upon society, culture and, in particular, youth.  We hear about how social media drives us apart, decreases human connection and facilitates online bullying and extremist views. While I wouldn’t say that there isn’t anything negative about social media at all,…


Assisted dying decision disappointing – I’m gutted

In this months guest blog, Philip Patston shares his views on the right-to-die case of Lecretia Seales, and the issue of voluntary euthanasia. This morning I woke to the news that Lecretia Seales had passed away at 12.35am. As I write I am watching tweets from the NZ Herald that the Judge in her right-to-die case said no. I’m…

Stardust flowing from an open hand. Digital illustration.

Nikki’s Natter – Brought to heal?

Nikki Frittmann is a notetaker and reader/writer for students with disabilities at AUT University.  She has Spina Bifida and lives in Auckland with her husband and two cats.  Every second month she shares her musings with DPSN. One day as a young, hungry University student (well, hungry on this day anyway, as I’d forgotten my lunch),…

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Gender Neutral

This week in our video series we sat down to talk to one of the founders of ‘Gender Neutral‘ an NZ company dedicated to making New Zealand a safer, and more inclusive space to go to the toilet: