Making Peace : Days Like These

Rachel is a writer and ex-teacher. She is passionate about advocacy for people like herself, with rare, chronic or invisible disabilities. She has a neurological disorder called Pandysautonomia. She blogs about it (and other things) on The Chronic-ills of Rach.  In this weeks guest blog, she shares her thoughts on the importance of friendship –…


Speculative Relationships

This week we look at Speculative Relationships – a Sci Fi and Romance comic anthology. Creator Tyrell and Artist Isabella discuss putting together the anthology, the challenges, the lessons that can be learned from diverse storytelling, and diversity in comics. Check out their sites below: Tumblr: http://speculativerelationships.tumbl… Twitter: https://twitter.com/SciFiRomanceCom


Do rainbows make a difference?

Unless you’ve been tucked away under a rock somewhere, you likely would have seen the recent news that the US Supreme Court has ruled all 50 states in the nation must carry out and recognise marriages between people of the same sex.  This makes the US the 21st country or territory in the world to…


Too busy to say no

Every second month Anna shares her musings, personal insights, and observations of our diverse lives. Life is super busy at the moment and I have the great skill of taking on more and more tasks, jobs and requests for a helping hand. So I took a few moments out of a long working day to…


Social media vs. social change

Sometimes, we hear a lot of from people bemoaning the destructive impact of social media upon society, culture and, in particular, youth.  We hear about how social media drives us apart, decreases human connection and facilitates online bullying and extremist views. While I wouldn’t say that there isn’t anything negative about social media at all,…