The power of uncertainty and not knowing

There’s a lot of talk about addiction these days: to drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, coffee, food, cigarettes. You name it, if it makes you feel good, you’re addicted. But here’s a couple of other addictive “circumstances” we don’t talk about: certainty and knowing. If there are a couple of things we all crave for, it’s assurance and understanding.

Philip 1

Philip Patston on… Himself

In this month’s guest blog, Philip Patston introduces us to DPSN’s very own resident celebrity…himself! “Many readers will be familiar with who I am from my other writing and my performing persona, but for those of you to who don’t know me – or who may want to know more about me – let me belatedly introduce myself…”


Nikki’s Natter – There’s something in the airbrush

Nikki Frittmann is a notetaker and reader/writer for students with disabilities at AUT University.  She has Spina Bifida and lives in Auckland with her husband and two cats.  Every second month she shares her musings with DPSN. This morning, my husband and I sat down together and watched a bit of MTV. Now, I’m getting a…


Celebrity, media and social influence

This month’s theme on DPSN is ‘celebrity and media’.  We’ve asked our bloggers to reflect on New Zealand (or international) media and the role of celebrity culture.  This might include the power of traditional media in shaping how we think about ourselves and the world, celebrity role models (or those with a more negative influence),…