Imagination Created the World

Imagination Created the World. Supposedly (and you may have a different view) in the beginning, some great deity imagined a ball, spinning in space, with lakes and rivers and mountains…

The science of imagination

I have a confession to make (but it’s not such a bad one). TED, a worldwide organisation which brings together speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity, has a Youtube channel entirely devoted to short educational videos on a wide range of topics.  My confession is that I’ve been slightly addicted to watching them lately, finding myself lost in a spiral of absorbing information on everything from how you digest food to how people lived in ancient Rome. They’re fascinating, and I strongly suggest you try them out.

Inclusive Environments

how do we create space for rainbow people in a world that operates on the assumption that we’re straight and cis until we say we’re not? AND, how do we make sure that our rainbow spaces are inclusive of all people – that we’re not perpetuating racism, ableism, misogyny, or even policing people’s sexualities and genders?

Painting Ātaahua

In April this year New Zealand artist Ariki Brightwell finished her mural at the Alfred Cox Skatepark in Gisborne. She was commissioned by Project Ātaahua, check out her video below as she talks about her motivations behind the mural, creating more beauty in Gisborne: You can see more of Ariki’s work on her facebook page: Ariki…