My common is unique

I live in a society where having a significant or obvious physicuniqueworkal, sensory or intellectual disability and paid employment is something that is often seen as admirable or brave. However, for me, it is just what I do.


Vlog: Uniqueness and Commonality

This month is all about uniqueness and commonality – so we (I) spoke to Sam (also me…. yes, I talked to myself) about my experiences of difference and connection at high school, as a person who is queer and trans. I also do a shout out for the I’m Local Project and their givealittle campaign

silhouette of woman with open arms at sunset

Depression – a common problem with a unique resolution

It’s perhaps not a surprise to anyone that knows me, that when I hear the phase “unique and common” my mind goes straight to the area of mental health.

At age 21 I was diagnosed with depression. Or, in official diagnostic language, a Major Depressive Episode. Or, in layman’s terms, “clinical depression”.


What’s “good” about bad habits?

Once, when I was younger, I thought my name had been changed. I was always changing it anyway, almost every week I ended up naming myself after the latest music star, radio DJ – even after a member of the royal family, at one stage. But this name was different.

Bad Habits

Bad Habits Vlog

This month’s video vlog is about ‘Bad’ TV – you know the sort; that guilty pleasure TV programme that you’re too ashamed to tell anyone about. For me, it’s the Bachelor, which is finishing this week! Three brave souls have talked to me about their favourite bad TV shows. Georgie explains their excitement about Dance…


The worst bad habit I can think of is…

Just for fun, this month’s theme on DPSN is ‘bad habits’.  We’ve given our bloggers the chance to highlight what they think the worst bad habits of others are…or, if they are brave enough, to reveal to you their own!  As always, we’re keen for you to be part of the conversation, so let us…