DPSN Vlog: Bodies

For our Video Blog this month, we have interviewed researcher George Parker about their studies of fatphobia in healthcare, and the importance of centring compassion, justice and care:


The mind-body connection

This month it’s ‘body’ month on DPSN. We’ve asked our bloggers to let us know their thoughts on things like body image (both positive and negative), gender diversity, unique functioning or physical well-being.


The power of uncertainty and not knowing

There’s a lot of talk about addiction these days: to drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, coffee, food, cigarettes. You name it, if it makes you feel good, you’re addicted. But here’s a couple of other addictive “circumstances” we don’t talk about: certainty and knowing. If there are a couple of things we all crave for, it’s assurance and understanding.

Philip 1

Philip Patston on… Himself

In this month’s guest blog, Philip Patston introduces us to DPSN’s very own resident celebrity…himself! “Many readers will be familiar with who I am from my other writing and my performing persona, but for those of you to who don’t know me – or who may want to know more about me – let me belatedly introduce myself…”