A new year and a time for change at DPSN

DPSN is now two years old and over this time the team has put lots of effort into both the online and offline components of the network.  Lately it has become apparent that, in its current form, DPSN’s goal to provide peer support may have been achieved. So we’re making some changes to revive and refocus the network over the next few months.

The new strategic aims of DPSN are to:

  1. Build and bring together a diverse community of people on the margins of society, who may not normally network with each other, both online and offline
  2. Engage in conversation about diversity, creativity and social change, Diversityworks’ strategic “keys to a wiser future”
  3. Achieve changes in attitudes around diversity, acceptance and inclusion
  4. Foster a leadership approach to social change

What will change?

  • What the name means: DPSN will change to mean Diversity Promotion through Social Networking; more in line with the networks new aims.
  • The online format: We will change to this WordPress blog, where we will document events DPSN attends or hosts, post blog entries ourselves and from others.
  • The focus: We’ll take a broader look at issues and events that involve diversity, creativity and social change.

What’s not changing?

  • Although we will have a new site, you can still comment or send us a blog entry to post.
  • Our Facebook page: we’ll continue to source and share content; like us to share your info, links or take part in a discussion. Join the DPSN Facebook page here: http://tinyurl.com/dpsn-fb
  • Gatherings: we’ll still have small get-togethers, but not as frequently as we used to …more on these coming soon!

For more info on how you can be involved, check out our About page.

We hope you like the new look and feel of DPSN. Nothing is set in stone yet, so your input is welcome and valued.  Please email Anna or Barbara with any feedback or questions.

Anna – anna@diversitynz.com, Barbara – barbara@diversitynz.com

Until next time,

The DPSN Team

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