Does creativity stimulate social change?

I don’t often think of creativity and social change typically going hand in hand. But I have recently come across a powerful creative way to invoke social change – or at least social awareness.

You may have seen this, the KONY 2012 campaign. Last week, Barbara blogged about Kony and stated “Will more attention to the situation help motivate people to resolve it?

After initially seeing this passed around Facebook, I also received it via email. And then it made national news, and continues to do so. It is definitely attracting attention.

In this film and on the site KONY 2012 it states clearly that its aim is to create awareness and ideally lead to the people of earth demanding action. But how accurate are the facts? Has creativity taken over and stretched the truth?

Invisible Children say they are using “film, creativity and social action to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony’s rebel war.”

So all this made me curious, is there more? Of course!

Earth Hour is a Not For Profit organisation who say they are “Earth Hour is a universal message of hope and action to protect the one thing that unites us all – the planet. Together our actions add up. “

Earth Hour produce powerful, creative clips to encourage the people of the earth to take voluntary action for 1 hour. Example; Earth Hour 2011. And the promotional clip leading up to Earth Hour 2012.

I also found this clip about “Using your creativity for social change “ It is short and encouraging.

In further exploration of creativity and social change I found that only recently someone else has blogged about the same, ‘Creativity + Social Change = Awesome. ALWAYS.’

Of course, lest I forget, Diversityworks Trust also does this. “Our projects promote diversity and creativity as levers for healthy social change.”

And Diversityworks Trust’s “How Diversity Works” exhibition in 2011 truly drew public attention.

I am now wondering how I can further pursue creativity as a vehicle to social change.

Can creativity really stimulate social change, or just social awareness? Is there a difference? And if there is, what is it?

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