MyFilm 2011 Screening

On Saturday 26th May 2012, Diversityworks Trust hosted the screening of the films from the MyFilm 2011 Project.

In 2011 six participants were involved in the second round of MyFilm workshops. They put in a lot of work and hours to make their stories into digital films.

This digital storytelling workshop partnership was a collaboration between DPSN and multimedia organisation MIC Toi Rerehiko.

Digital Storytelling encourages people to tell their story on film, ranging from standard “head and shoulder” documentary style with linear storylines, to more poetic and visually creative pieces that are less about a story and more about individual feelings, ideas and identity.

See highlights from the screening and interviews with the filmmakers here:

Watch the six films created, below.

OPEN YOUR EYES by Allyson Hamblett

CANDICE by Candice Stock

THERE IS A WAY by Keegan Lewis

SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL by Cathy de Seton

EXQUISITE BEINGS by Ursula Cranmer

THE TRINITY by Julian Morris

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One thought on “MyFilm 2011 Screening

  1. Reblogged this on random thoughts from a non-warped mind and commented:
    Last year, I created my Film: Shake, Rattle and Rock – I made the story for my Mother who died when I in my 20s – plus I wanted to show people that a/ I’ve got semi-invisible disabilities and do not judge the book by the cover – Cathy. NB the top video is short interviews with us and you can hear more about the $3 shoes!

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