Sheep, Ram or Ewe?

It seems to me that the majority of humans would prefer to blend in, not stand out, and go with the rest of the flock. And, it is easier.

I can see the benefits in this. The sheep that stands out will more likely be the one that is picked off by the wolves.

But perhaps the one that does stand out doesn’t get slaughtered for the family dinner, and instead prized as a unique individual.

It’s all a bit sheepish really.

There are certainly times where going with the majority is advantageous.
But, I see strength in someone that can stand out, be unique and have pride in themselves, and use that to make change for the greater good, never forgetting the flock.

In my opinion these are the people that can take the lead. The ones that can take a risk, weather the flack and maintain a definite sense of ‘self’.

Of course, there are those that become big headed and pompous. Consumed in their own self, and forget the flock and their purpose. (We might call these people politicians).

Lest we forget the loyal ewe. The one that follows close behind. Champions the champion. Is the first to follow. A risk taker in their own right.

What are you?
A strong ram, steady on foot with an inner calm, but ready to stand out?
A big headed ram, overly self consumed?
A loyal ewe, ever following and supportive, and first to follow?
Or a sheep, one of the flock, blending in, happy as the rest of ‘em?

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