Finding comfortable in the uncomfortable

Recently I was involved in a collaboration project with colleagues and friends, which turned out very different to what I was expecting.

Prior to the project presentation we had arranged casually to meetup to discuss and plan it out.
I had expectations, of which I had not clearly communicated, but I thought would be standard practice. Not all colleagues understood how important this prior meeting was to me and a personal situation came up which they had to attend to, and therefore did not come to the casual planning meeting.

In the past this type of situation could have thrown me completely, and may have caused me to give up on the project. But I chose to talk with other colleagues, who were aware of the situation. I was not seeking a resolution from them, but I felt that I needed to voice my frustrations and in that process I came up with my own resolution – plan B.

When I next saw the colleague I was able to appropriately, without too much emotion, tell them that their actions of not attending a planning meeting was frustrating and unsettling for me. My colleague responded with an apology and an acknowledgement of how it made me feel. This felt entirely appropriate and I did not need anything more.

When the project came to fruition I was initially slightly anxious, but in slight discomfort came a fantastic collaboration, and a really genuine demonstration that people who know each other and are comfortable with each other can work easily together even without a lot of prior preparation.

What did I learn?

  • From a place of discomfort can come great things.
  • Finding ‘my comfortable’ within the uncomfortable works.
  • I feel good when I take responsibility for the way I feel and if needed take appropriate actions.
  • Being clear about what I expect from others, can help.
  • Trusting myself and others when things don’t go to plan.

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