They say you can’t choose your family, and I think in most cases you can’t choose your colleagues either.

I’ve had a year of strange family behaviour and a feeling of being disowned, but amongst all of it I’ve found stability and solitude in my colleagues.
Or friends who are colleagues = frolleagues!

Not all colleagues are frolleagues, and that’s okay. More than likely it is because I don’t work that closely with them, or we have quite different personalities and/or points of view.

But for me there is a bunch of people I see, communicate with and work with on a regular basis, people I can have a laugh with or share troubles with, and these frolleagues are a good quality lot.

I don’t share my family strife with my frolleagues, they wouldn’t be interested anyway. But we  can share common connections, and I feel a sense of appreciation and genuine care.
I am comfortable with my frolleagues, a safe feeling of trust – and I’m sure it is reciprocated.

Perhaps for some this connection is found amongst friends. I think the principle is similar, except you can choose your friends. I have a very different relationship with my friends. I will tell them more, and do a lot more with them – uninhibited fun!

So, to all my frolleagues thank you! I think you’re great!

Do you have frolleagues?

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