The 100 days project [complete!]

Emma Rogan, a New Zealand designer, read about the “100 Days of Design” project on the Design Observer Blog and instantly wanted to go to the Yale School of Art to take part.  After finding out the fees were $US 55,000 and remembering her family and many other commitments at home, she decided to run her own 100 days project.

Last year, Emma invited as many local creatives, designers and friends that she could think of to embark on the project with her.  The premise was simple: For 100 days you must repeat a creative task of your choosing.  The task must be repeated in some form every day and every time must be documented for eventual presentation.

There are no other rules and the medium is completely open.  100 days is not a commercial undertaking, but purely for fun.  It is embarked upon in the spirit that good things will come from the repetition of an idea or process over 100 days.

This year, Emma is running the 100 days project again and Diversityworks Trust is entering.  Our concept is “100 Faces of Diversity” and we need a 100 people to help us make our project happen!  We would like you to take a photograph of yourself, a head and shoulders shot, and send it to us with your answer to this question: “What makes you unique?”.

From June 7, when the project starts, we’ll blog a photo a day on DPSN with your first name and quote.

We hope to showcase diversity, with 100 unique faces and 100 unique perspectives, across 100 days.  At the end of the project we’ll exhibit the photographs in a collective show with the other 100 days entries.

If you’d like to help us make this happen, take a high resolution photograph of yourself (it can be as creative as you like, as long as we can see your face) and send it to  Please also include your full name and your answer to the question: “What makes you unique?”

Here’s an example from Keke Brown, one of our Unique Extras:

“I like being different, trying new things and exploring different ideas.  I think this makes me unique.”

You can read more about Emma’s 100 days project and check out last years entries here.

If you have any questions about the requirements, please get in touch!


Update: 100 Faces of Diversity is now complete.  We hope you enjoyed the project!

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