Christmas gets earlier every year

I recently needed to go to the CBD in Auckland City and I noticed Santa and his reindeer are up on the Whitcoulls building, on Queen Street. I’d like to point out that this was on 12th  November.

A few weekends earlier, on Saturday 3 November, I went to a mall which was fully decked out in Christmas decorations, lights and trees. I was fortunately not aware of any Christmas carols playing.

It all seems a bit early, don’t you think?

I think there is a limit to how soon Christmas and all its jingling accessories needs to be thrust in our faces.

We live in a very commercial world, and for as long as I can remember Christmas has been a big draw card in the retail game. I just don’t particularly agree with it.

I will admit that I do like Christmas and I do like to be prepared, to the point that I start my Christmas shopping very early (in June). However by the time all the Christmas stuff starts appearing in shops and streets I’ve pretty much finished – so the commercial ‘appeal’ is lost on me.

For me Christmas is about family and friends, being together, and sharing quality time. Yep, that can include gifts, and plenty of yummy food, but without my loved ones what’s the point?

I’m sure everyone has a different Christmas limit, so when is it okay for you to be launched into it?

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