Regular – comfortable or boring?

I’m sure all of us will know the feeling of being a regular.
Having a place where we might call our regular local – a cafe`, a bar, a store, a salon, a library etc.

It’s about human routine. A comfortable state, where we like to retreat to.
As Brene Brown reminds us “As unique as we all are, an awful lot of us want the same things.”

Sitting in my local cafe` I realise how much of a regular visitor I am. The staff greet me by name, other regular patrons smile or nod in recognition, and I feel comfortable and relaxed.

More often than not I order the same thing. And have preferred places I like to sit.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with being a regular, but consider “What am I missing if I don’t try new things? New places? New food? New people?”

Think about going on holiday to a place you’ve not been to before. There is fun, curiosity and excitement in exploring this new place, finding places to eat, shop and hang out.

So, why wait until you go on holiday? Bring the holiday experience to you and try something new today.

Change is not hard it’s just a matter of breaking routine.

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