On the Fringe – Jayran interview

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Auckland Fringe Festival
Auckland Fringe is an open access pan arts festival that aims to provide a platform for practitioners to present innovative work in an environment of artistic freedom and to enable audiences to access these eclectic arts experiences. The first Auckland Fringe was held in 2009 and was initiated in partnership between THE EDGE and Auckland Arts Festival.

Jayran Mansouri
An emerging comedian, Jayran began her journey at high school in 2009, when she was given the opportunity to do the ‘Class Comedians Programme’ and was mentored by well known comedian, Ben Hurley.

Jayran also proudly identifies herself as an autistic, Iranian woman. 


Read more about Jayran in her press release.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jayran prior to her solo stand up comedy show, over 3 nights in Auckland’s Fringe Festival.

See interview here:

Show review
I attended the second night of her 3 night line up and thoroughly enjoyed the show. There were plenty of laughs throughout the hour. And yes, I will remember the funeral jokes!

Before the show started Jayran took the time to come over to say hello. I asked her how the first night went and she said she was pleased that there were 17 in the audience and plenty of laughs.

The night I attended there were 10 in the audience and people seemed a little tentative about laughing amongst small numbers. However as the jokes flowed and the audience relaxed, the laughter came out.

As Jayran alluded to in her interview, there was a beginning, middle and end to her show, and she tied it all together really well. I felt as though I’d listened to a very humorous life story.

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