Milking the news

Lately it seems news media has really been milking as much as they can get out of stories.  I note that it seems to happen more when there isn’t much in news.

The “hot” news in the past week has been Jerry Collins arrested in Japan and Jesse Ryder attacked, Government department privacy breaches EQC, Ministry for Environment and ACC, and job cuts DOC and Telecom.

Past recurring stories are in the realm of Ken Ring ‘predictions’ and dog attacks, and a recent dog attack. It can get obviously repetitive and boring.

These stories are rehashed and retold, and with seemingly constant updates!

So, what’s going on? Or maybe the question is, what’s not going on?  Is it that there is so little news that news media need to rehash stories to fill space and time?  Or is it lazy journalism, with reporters preferring to rehash these “hot topics” rather than do some research as to what else is going on in the world?

Personally I think it’s over the top. If there is no news then a few decent feel good stories would go down well.  Cutting the TV news short couldn’t hurt either.  Or maybe we could spend a bit more time on stories outside of New Zealand?  There is certainly plenty of interesting events going on elsewhere in the world.

Am I imagining it, or have you noticed this too?

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