Stress Kills

In this high pressure society, whether you’re working or studying, stress is often a factor at some stage – possibly even multiple stages!

Live Science says: “Growing evidence shows that our sensitivity to stress as adults is already “tuned,” so to speak, in infancy, according to the review article. Specifically, the amount of stress encountered in early life sensitizes an organism to a certain level of adversity; high levels of early life stress may result in hypersensitivity to stress later, as well as to adult depression.”

Help Guide .org describes stress as: “a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way. When you sense danger – whether it’s real or imagined – the body’s defenses kick into high gear in a rapid, automatic process known as the “fight-or-flight” reaction, or the stress response.”

From a positive point of view says “The stress response also helps you rise to meet challenges. Stress is what keeps you on your toes during a presentation at work, sharpens your concentration when you’re attempting the game-winning free throw, or drives you to study for an exam when you’d rather be watching TV.

But beyond a certain point, stress stops being helpful and starts causing major damage to your health, your mood, your productivity, your relationships, and your quality of life.”

So what can we do to reduce stress? Because I don’t want to die of stress.

There are plenty of websites out there with lots of suggestions, but let me tell you what I do.

Breathing meditation: This year I have been doing breathing meditation, where I focus on my breathing, and breathing deeply.

Here is a list of audio files for various guided meditations, including a breathing one.

Soothing music: I often listen to calm, soothing music when I do my breathing meditation. It’s a lovely way to relax and feel calm.

Socialising: I find relaxing and hanging out with friends to be a great way to chill out, calm down and enjoy myself. Being with people energises me with positive vibes, and keeps my mental well being in check.

I’d love to know any other techniques on how to de-stress, relax, and enjoy life.
What do you do?

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