The Leader Ship

On Saturday 16th November the 2013 intake of Be. Leadership participants graduated. A super exciting time for them, as they celebrated an awesome year and look ahead to what the future may hold.

I am a Be. Leadership alumnus, having graduated in 2011. I was honoured to be asked to address this years’ participants at their graduation ceremony. I am also pleased that we will now have 50 Be. Alumni members.

I truly felt like we were all in the same boat, or at least on a very similar looking ship. The Leader Ship!

I remember, two years ago, being in the same position when I graduated. I remember feeling excited about my future and awfully keen to get stuck in. But I also I needed a good break and some down time to recover. Then some time to reconnect and find my feet again.

Reflecting on my journey since graduating, it’s difficult to pinpoint specific things I’ve accomplished, but I know that I have done a lot. Things like co-leading and participating in research at AUT University, thinking and acting on my personal and professional development, and working hard on drawing together the Be. Alumni to network throughout the year. And that was just in 2013!

Earlier this year I also contributed to the blog Inclusive Action Every Day Lives with an article on leadership, in which I said, “I am Anna. And if Anna is a leader, then so be it.” I also highlighted that, “If leadership is part of who you are, it will happen naturally. And if we don’t want it, or don’t put ourselves forward, somehow we find ourselves in the role anyway – in whatever we do. Perhaps it is simply day to day living where we find we can take charge. Or perhaps it is in our community participation, or even the workplace.”

I do believe that if you recognise it embrace it, you can work on it and make it work for you. And of course, it surely cannot hurt to keep in touch.

Congratulations to the 2013 Be.Leadership graduates!

PS. Be. Leadership is still accepting applications for its 2014 programme. If you are interested in developing your leadership skills, I’d encourage you to consider applying.

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