Temptation chewed a hole in my wallet

It is the season when most of the western world (and some of the east as well) are buying Christmas presents, decorations and, well, anything that tempts.

It is so easy to be tempted. Perhaps you’re out buying for others and you see a little something for yourself. Or, you just add a few extras into the shopping trolley, thinking, “It is Christmas after all.” But before you know it, you’re down to your last dollar (although hopefully it’s not that extreme!)

My problem is that I start my Christmas purchases very, very early. Some years my first Christmas purchase happens as early as January!

This may not seem like much of a problem. I spread out my Christmas shopping across the year, so that I’m not rushed or stressed at the end of the year. I also had the opportunity to find some unique gifts, particularly during my big overseas trip this year.
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The problem is, as I’ve said, temptation! It gets to this time of the year and I have pretty much done my Christmas shopping, but I start seeing more things I want to buy. And other people are shopping too. I could just add one more thing to Mum’s gift pile, and Nana’s, and…and…and…before I know it I’ve been tempted. Trapped. And my wallet is squeezing out it’s last ‘penny’.

I wonder now, is it temptation? Or is my enjoyment and love of gift giving taking over my Christmas season?

It’s true, I do love it. Shopping, creating and giving to other people brings me joy. Thinking carefully about everyone and what they might like for Christmas is all part of it.

But is it worth it? They don’t know how much thought and effort I put in. Or how bone dry my wallet can get, if I let it.

I believe I can resist temptation but I struggle to resist love and the desire to give. So perhaps it is not temptation that chewed a hole in my wallet, but in fact a whole lot of love!

Merry Christmas!

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