Tom McAlpine and Paths Together

Tom McAlpine is an Englishman currently living in New Plymouth who has an interest in sexology and supports those people with disabilities to embrace their sexuality. In this weeks guest blog, he tells us about “Paths Together”, a network that aims to provide awareness around sexuality, disability, dating and relationship access.

The idea for Paths Together was inspired by Australian organisation, Touching Base, who work alongside sex workers and people with disabilities in Australia to provide information and resources. I saw an opportunity for a similar organisation in New Zealand, with a wider scope, and founded Paths Together.

Paths Together aims to work alongside people with disabilities, lovers, partners, sex on site venues, health professionals, disability sector support workers and community organisations. The network will work to provide resources on consent, affordable contraception, and dating safely and responsibly. 

Paths Together is a non-judgemental organisation and LGBTIQ inclusive.

Over the next six months, Paths Together will be working to become a registered charity, to launch our website, and to begin speaking with professionals and others about these issues.

We are currently looking for members of the network, and are particularly interested in people with disabilities, psychologists, occupational therapists, and people with accounting and/or legal expertise. Interested individuals can contact me at:

For more information visit:


Each month DPSN features a guest blogger with a unique take on diversity.  We also repost relevant blogs from other sites, with permission.  If you’d like to write for DPSN, or know someone you think we should contact, please email


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