A Different Kind of Story…

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I’ve been drawing and writing for as long as I can remember, long before I was ever a man… since I was a little girl, in fact. Drawing has always been an outlet for me, and an important tool for self care. When I was in school I drew and wrote a lot, because I felt isolated and alone. I tried to find people like me on TV, in books, and in movies – but I couldn’t find myself. I had no role models, so I spent a long time feeling like a freak, I felt like no-one would ever understand me, and I felt like I couldn’t ever show people the real me.

I started combining words and pictures when I was in my early twenties. I figured if I couldn’t find myself in mainstream media, I would start creating my own media. I used comics to figure out who I was, I used comics to come out to friends, and when I started putting my comics online I used comics to not feel so alone.

I recently launched a kickstarter to fundraise money to share my story, and the stories of other New Zealanders in the rainbow community. I love sharing stories about how awesome queer and trans people are.

I captured the stories of a group of kiwis with a range of different ‘rainbow’ identities, wrote short comics about them, and put them into a comic series called “Family Portraits”. I really want to share these stories around, because I’m super inspired by them, and I think we need more and more and more stories that celebrate difference.

I hope that the comic series will be used as a way to educate, break down barriers, and help people to understand more about LGBTI communities. And I hope that it will help people to feel less isolated.

The response to my kickstarter has been incredible – in under 2 weeks I have already achieved my goal of raising $US6,300, and now I’m hoping we can raise enough to print a THIRD issue of Family Portraits!

You can read more about my project, and back it here:


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