My First World Problem

The North Island of New Zealand was hit by a storm on the night of June 10th, where an “intense low pressure weather system … wreaked havoc on the upper North Island.” (NZ Herald)

I have had no television reception since!!

It’s been a challenge. My routine is completely out, I’m missing my favourite “house and garden” and cooking shows. And I’m generally feeling frustrated.

I really need a reality check!

There are many without power, even 24 hours after the storm passed. Trees came down not only preventing people going to work, but crashing into homes.


For example, this account of damage was reported by TVNZ:

All highways across the North Island have now been reopened, although there is a caution still in place on SH25 at Hikuai.

A car is trapped by fallen trees in Herne Bay

AA Insurance says it has already received over 100 claims for home, contents and car damage following the storm. Most are from Auckland but some have come from Canterbury following yesterday’s floods. The AA expects this number to rise over the next few days as the storm heads to central and eastern parts of the North Island.

Slips have trapped residents at Okiwi on Great Barrier Island.

A tree rests on a house in Arkles Bay, Auckland, after it was brought down in last night’s storm.

The list goes on.

BUT, I still have no TV reception!!!!

There was a huge amount of damage done. And fortunately I’m not aware of anyone being harmed in the storm.

Sadly I have heard of opportunist criminals causing trouble during the night of the storm.  It was so windy and wet that not a lot more could be heard, so some people took the chance and broke into the carpark of the apartment block I live in. They attempted to break into cars and a motor scooter was stolen.

Fortunately I keep my vehicle in a secure locked garage, not in the open air car park. So I was unaffected by the break in.

BUT, I still have no TV reception!!!!!

Yes … my first world problem is very, very meaningless in comparison. It seems pitiful to moan about it when so many others have (and are regularly) affected by nature and human damage.

If you’ve not heard of First World Problems, watch these!

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