Who means a lot to you?

Over the last few months Philip, Anna, Barbara and I have been collecting stories for DPSN’s  “You Mean A Lot To Me” project. Our goal is to get 100 or more people to talk on camera about someone who means a lot to them.  We’re planning on blogging one video a day as part of our 100 Days Project this year.

The guidelines are pretty simple:

  1.     It has to be someone alive.
  2.     It has to be someone who knows you (so it can’t be a celebrity, unless you’re mates with that celebrity!)

So far we’ve gathered an amazing collection of short videos of people talking about who brings meaning to their lives. We’ve captured people talking about their mothers, colleagues, sons, friends, teachers, and even one singing about their pet rabbit!

It’s been a really heartwarming project, and a really interesting insight into how meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging are fostered. In a couple of the videos people have talked about how their children have created a sense of meaning in their lives, by giving them a new role of ‘parent’. Some have talked about how meaning is created through having a non-judgmental listening ear. And for others meaning is forged through sharing both the good, and the tough, times.

Last weekend I finally shot my “You Mean A Lot To Me” video. I had been putting off shooting my own video for months, but I decided it was finally time to do it. I put it off for a few reasons –

  • It was hard to choose just one person to talk about; I’m really grateful that I’ve got heaps of people in my life who’ve made, and continue to make, a big impact on who I am and how I live.
  • It’s hard to be vulnerable – for me, telling someone that they’re important to me felt really exposing. I really value vulnerability, but it’s still a super scary thing to do. Plus, knowing that what I said was going to be heard by more than just me and the person I was talking about added an extra level of fear that I would look stupid or sound cheesy!
  • I was out of practice – this project made me realize that I don’t take a lot of time to let people know how I feel about them. It was hard to put into words to describe the importance of the relationship I was talking about; I kept wanting to make jokes, or downplay how I felt, and it took me a good five takes before I really started getting sincere.

Shooting my video was a pretty challenging experience, but a really valuable one.  So I reckon you should all do one too – check out our promo video here:

If you want to contribute, instructions are here:

We’d love to have you on board!

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