100 Days 2014 is coming…tell us who means a lot to you!

The 100 Days Project, started in New Zealand by designer Emma Rogan, has one simple premise: for 100 days you must repeat a creative task of your choosing.  It must be repeated in some form every day and documented for eventual presentation.  There are no other rules and the medium is completely open.  100 Days is not a commercial undertaking, but is purely for fun.  It is embarked upon in the spirit that good things will come from the repetition of an idea or a process over 100 days.

Last year DPSN took part in the 100 Days Project, with “100 Faces of Diversity.”  We collaborated with 100 people, who each send us a head and shoulders photo along with their answer to the question: “What makes you unique?”  From 7 June 2013 we blogged a photo a day on DPSN, with people’s first name and quote.  The project was a resounding success, and generated some of the highest traffic we’ve seen on DPSN since we launched!  We exhibited the final collection of photo’s and quotes at the 100 Days Exhibition.

Last week Sam told  you about this year’s 100 Days Project, “You Mean A Lot To Me” (or #UMAL2M).  We’ve already started collecting short video’s of people talking on camera about someone who means a lot to them.  We’ll start blogging a video a day from this Friday 11 July, when the 100 Days Project beings.  We have quite a few video’s so far, but to make it all the way to 100 days we need your help!

If you’d like to take part, the rules are simple.  The person you choose:

a) Has to be living!

b) Has to be someone you know.

Just grab your camera, computer or phone and film yourself talking about someone who means a lot to you.  Or if you feel brave enough, you can film yourself telling someone on camera how much they mean to you.  Then send it to us, via email, USB or drop box.

If that’s too hard, just get in touch with us at umal2m@diversitynz.com and we can come and film you!

We’re accepting video’s from anywhere in the world, so you don’t have to live in New Zealand.  You can also submit your video in any language you like (including NZ Sign Language), but please send through an English translation so we can caption it. We will also add a transcript for videos in all languages so people with vision impairment can use screen readers to access them.

#UMAL2M aims to look beyond connection.  We hope that by asking people to express the reason why they are connected to someone we can help to create a sense of meaning and belonging within that connection.

So check out the project when it goes live on DPSN from Friday 11 July, and tell us, who means a lot to you?


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