The First 25!

We’ve made it to 25 days!

If you wanna check out all of our videos so far – head over to our 100 days project page and prepare yourself for some major warm fuzzy feelings!!

So, who meant a lot to our first 25 people? (see below for a description)

UMAL2M First 25

As you can see – FAMILY is the biggest category – especially brothers and sisters!

Wanna know our most popular ones? Here’s the top five:

5 – Aych talks about his grandparents:

4 – Michelle sings an amazing song about her bunny:

3 – Philip talks about his friend Carol in our first video:

2 – Anna talks about her dad:

1 – TV3 News Anchors Mike and Hilary talk about each other:

Infographic description

The infographic shows circles depicting groups and then subgroups of people spoken about in the first 25 videos:

1. Family (16)

  • Siblings (6) — brothers (3), sisters (3)
  • Parents (3) — dads (2), mums (1)
  • Children (3) — daughters (2), sons (1)
  • Cousins, grandparents, niblings, pets (1 each)

2. Friends (6)

3. All the rest (3)

  • Colleagues (2)
  • Teachers (1)

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