UMAL2M Day 58: Barbara

Today Barbara’s lost her voice, but she finds a creative way to express how she feels about her friend Cat:

Transcript: Barbara Day Fifty Eight –

“Hi Cat!
I have been wanting to make this video for ages
But I’ve been really sick
Then I realized – I don’t need my voice to tell you something!
Cat… I just wanted to say…
That you mean a whole lot to me!!
We have been friends for nearly ten years now…
But even though time has passed…, and we live in different cities….
When we do get the chance to catch up
It always feels like nothing has changed
I know that no matter what is going on in life….
You’ve always got my back!
You even named your chicken after me!
So I just wanted to say…
Thank you! For being a part of my life..
You’re an amazing human being
And I love you!”

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