I believe in Angels

Anna banna

Every second month Anna shares her musings, personal insights, and observations of our diverse lives.

We all have our own individual beliefs, which often vary and can be hugely diverse. Personally, I believe in angels. I note that the dictionary describes angels as ‘one of a class of spiritual beings; a celestial attendant of God.

angel glow

There are plenty of non-believers, sceptics and debunkers (those that like to find a rational or logical explanation for phenomena on the more ‘supernatural’ end of the spectrum). And then there are those who are extreme believers, who tend to think every little glow or shimmer must be an angel.

An interesting example of this is a compilation of angel sightings, photos and videos I found on Youtube. I’m unsure if they are all genuine, especially in this day and age of CGI and the magic of film editing.

I choose to believe, but I think it is important to maintain a reasonable and rational balance when believing.

In my own experience, I have not seen angels with my own eyes. But I believe that I feel their presence.

I think that my personal relationship and belief in angels stems from an inner need or want for reassurance, safety and comfort. I feel safe and confident in the knowledge that my Angels are looking after me, or at least looking out for me. I feel reassured and safe when I ask for guidance and protection, and the act of believing provides a sense of calm in my life.

Some people think that if you’ve been through trauma or close to death it brings you closer to the spiritual realm, usually in the moment of the event, but sometimes throughout life afterwards as well. It’s true that I’ve had an experience like this, although I don’t remember it because I was a newborn baby at the time.  From stories, I know that my birth was traumatic and that the oxygen supply was cut off to my brain temporarily.  While I don’t remember the event itself, I do believe it’s brought me closer to understanding and being open to the spiritual realm and angels.

And while I know that not everyone shares this belief, there are also a great many people who do.  For example in an article titled, ‘The Science of Near-Death Experiences’, Gideon Lichfield notes that there are hundreds of books and thousands of interviews with people who have described near-death experiences.  These often involve people describing an ‘out of body’ experience, meeting spiritual beings and angels, or encountering departed relatives or friends.  Interestingly written accounts of such experiences stem right back to the Middle Ages.

These descriptions are also not entirely within the realm of personal accounts either.  Some researchers have investigated the validity of near-death experiences and there is even a Journal of Near-Death Studies, published by the Western New Mexico University.  I found one article in this journal, which talks specifically about the role of angels in near-death experiences.  If you have an interest in this area, I’d definitely check it out.

I do know my experience and interactions with angels are unique to me, and I appreciate not everyone will share my belief.  But it’s a belief that works for me.

Do you believe in Angels? Or have you had any personal experience of the spiritual realm?

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