Anna’s Bi-Monthly Musings: Addictive Association 

Anna banna

Every second month Anna shares her musings, personal insights, and observations of our diverse lives.

Feeding the need to been seen is something many people do. I do it! Facebook and Instagram are the perfect virtual avenues for us to ‘be seen’.

img_1994-1Does it make me narcissistic? Self-obsessed? Or a self-glorifying weirdo? I don’t think it does. In fact, a few too many people do it for it to be that negative. I think if anything it shows I’m comfortable, confident, and probably awfully open.

As Marissa Boisvert writes in her blog OUR DEEPEST NEED IS TO BE SEEN, “The thing is: we all share this need (introverts included). We want to be acknowledged, confirmed and celebrated.” She goes on to say, “While we are blindly led to believe that the need to be seen grows from the need to stroke our own ego; it really doesn’t.

Yes, our ego is a force of its own, but the need to be seen, simply stems from our innate human need to contribute. To help. To bring something to the table. Something that only we can bring to the table.”

Now, this really resonates with me. I do want to be acknowledged and I do want to bring myself to the table! Even with a glass of wine in Melbourne.

I have an opinion, and it counts. It may count a lot more to me than others, but it still counts.

I started writing this assuming it would be a negative blog. But it has been affirming and grounding at the same time. What are your thoughts? Am I just an addicted ego tickler?

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