2016 in Review

DPSN is signing off for 2016 and taking a figurative (and literal!) nap on the beach until February next year. (Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to put some sunscreen on so we’re back with a healthy tan!)

This year has been our fifth in the new DPSN format and we’re creeping forward to our 400th post!   This year we re-introduced our monthly ‘themes’, in the hopes of stimulating even more unique blogs and conversations.

We started with Pride month in February – with a vlog exploring the different things pride means to people, Anna musing about self-pride, and Philip asking us to get more political and critical around Pride.  

March brought us to Relationship month – our most popular theme for the year! We looked at Relationships in the workplace, asexuality, bisexuality and queer relationships in our vlog, romance and disability, and the importance of pets.

Beliefs was our theme for April. Barbara enquired about our own bias’, Philip looked at belief and social change, Sam chatted to Duncan at Rainbow Youth about what happens when beliefs conflict with one another, and Anna declared that she believes in angels.

In May we revealed our Bad Habits, which included everything from working too much to shameful TV watching. Philip asked whether public holidays honoured their causes, or were just habits, and Nikki flipped the whole idea of bad habits to look at their good side.

June gave us a chance to explore the things that make us unique and common. We looked at depression, gender and sexuality, disability and diversity.   

Celebrity and Media was what July was all about  – we looked at social media and celebrity, airbrushing images, Philip talked about his experience as a celebrity and we debuted Diversity New Zealand’s new music video – ‘Who We Are’.

August was addictions month and Barbara explored the ‘myth’ of the addict. Philip looked at our addiction to certainty and knowing, Sam got Lucy talked about being obsessed with One Direction and Harry Potter,  and Anna asked, “Am I addicted to me?”

As we moved into spring we looked at bodies; examining the mind-body connection, being in your unique body, and the way we talk about bodies and gender. This month also saw our most popular post for the year – George talking about fat-phobia in healthcare for our vlog.

In October we looked at mental health and distress. Philip asked us to rethink our assumptions about depression and anxiety, Joey talked to us about Informed Consent, Anna outed her secret disability, and Barbara looked at why we medicalise mental health.

We thought November we could do with some self care as we head into the Christmas period, so we explored self-compassion, taking time for yourself, getting better at looking after ourselves, and looking to the internet for connections.

We’ll be getting our themes on in 2017 too – so tell us which themes you liked best, or if you have suggestions for themes you’d like to see us blog on.

Huge thanks to Anna who has been our facebook page coordinator extraordinaire, to Nikki for her bi-monthly guest column ‘Nikki’s Natter’ and, last but by no means least, to you – our faithful audiences – who read, comment on and share our postss! If you’re interested in guest blogging for DPSN in 2017 (either a one-off or even if you’d like a regular spot!), just email our DPSN Content Manager barbara@diversitynz.com for details.

We’ll be taking a break over the summer as usual and starting up again in February next year, but you can still see us on Facebook, or contact us anytime at barbara@diversitynz.com (we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can, but there may be delays over the holiday period!)

For now, all the best from the crew at Diversity New Zealand  and DPSN and we hope you enjoy the holiday season!

— Sam, Barbara, Anna, and Philip.

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