In memory of Kelly

When someone passes away, it’s important to acknowledge and remember how they have impacted on our lives. This month we have experienced the loss of a former DPSN colleague, Kelly Griffin. Kelly worked with Diversity New Zealand and Diversityworks Trust and contributed significantly to the early days of DPSN as well as other key projects, like early versions of our children’s book “My Friend is a Superhero!”, MyFilm, IGODAP and our art exhibition “How Diversity Works”.


Here at DPSN we wanted to share our thoughts and memories of Kelly:

“Kelly was well loved by her friends and of course it’s never right or fair for someone to pass away so young.”

“I remember she was hard working and not afraid to pitch in and get a job done.  She had strong values and wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she believed was right!  She was curious and interested in learning about things she didn’t know about.”

“We had a slightly tempestuous connection with Kelly and yet she was part of the DPSN (and wider) whanau.”

“Kelly was passionate about life and art. She invested all of herself into her work, projects, interests and friends.”

We would like pass on our warmest thoughts and condolences to Kelly’s family and friends during this difficult time.

Kia kaha and arohanui.

Anna, Philip, Barbara and Sam.

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