Beginning at the gym

Anna banna

I have decided that this year, 2018, is the year that I join a gym – for the first time in my life.

The build-up to doing this and the commitment felt huge! In hindsight, it’s taken easily seven years for me to find the courage to make it happen. I feel fortunate enough to have had a very short time between signing up and meeting with a trainer, in fact, it was only a few minutes. If I were to have signed up and walked away, I may not have returned to talk more and attend a session.

So what is it about the beginning of something new that can make or break it in terms of success? For me, it is the fear of the unknown. Having never been to a gym before there were a number of myths and misconceptions swimming around at high speed in my mind. The quick meet up with my trainer helped immensely. Because I was confident enough to ask questions, I was able to air out my extravagant myths and misconceptions, and receive plenty of reassurance.

My Gym misconceptions

#1 – I might poop myself or spew!

Truth: Not likely to happen if you know your limitations and poop before you attend.

#2 – Everyone will look at me!

Truth: No. Everyone is sweaty and concentrating on themselves. Ultimately only supportive friends noticed me and said “Hey! Good job.”

#3 – What do I wear? Everyone is going to be looking fabulous in expensive gear!

Truth: No one looks fabulous when they work out and not many had ‘proper gear’ – whatever that is.

#4 – I’m going to be the only flabby one!

Truth: Not that I took count, but there were plenty of average bodies and flabby bodies. I felt comfortable.

Not unlike these two cute Youtube stars, Ava and Alexis, experiencing ballet for the first time. At first it was a bit overwhelming, but they ended up loving it.

The energy, inner strength and self belief that I needed to get myself to the first session was huge. But I had it and I knew how to use it.

I put this aspect down to experience. Not dissimilar to the time I chose to jump off the Sky Tower, in Auckland City, it felt like I used the same confidence and positive self talk to get my butt to that first session at the gym.

Since I started to attend the gym regularly I can genuinely say I enjoy it. I walk away sweaty and exhausted, but feeling so good. It’s a combination of a good workout and the mega endorphin boost that comes from that, as well as knowing that I’m achieving my goals, with my confidence and ego buzzing!

So beginnings are big. They can be scary. They can seem daunting and near impossible. But, when they are chosen and followed through, they really do work!

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