Imagination and Anxiety

This is a comic I wrote way back in 2010 – to express my theory about my imagination and my anxiety:


Panel 1:

Sam: (A person wearing a pale grey, collared shirt, with sleeves rolled up to the elbows, a blue vest, and dark grey trousers, who is looking directly at the viewer. Eyebrows are raised, mouth is open, and one arm is bent forward at the shoulder and up at the elbow, its hand open, palm facing just in front of Sam’s face.) I get anxious a lot.

(There are eleven bubbles, each with a different drawing inside and caption below.)

(Bubble 1: Sam’s eyes, one closed, and both full of tears. The caption reads:) Things going in my eyes.

(Bubble 2: Sam, with hand on forehead, sweating. There are two zig zags by Sam’s head. The caption reads:) Hot houses.

(Bubble 3: A slug, with a trail behind it. The caption reads:) Touching slimy things.

(Bubble 4: A person with arms spread wide, and Sam running away. The caption reads:) Hugs from strangers.

(Bubble 5: A building with “Mall O Doom” written on the front, and a stick figure in front of it. The caption reads:) Shopping malls.

(Bubble 6: A rat’s butt and tail. The caption reads:) Rats’ tails.

(Bubble 7: A container labelled “Cream” pouring its contents on an apple. The caption reads:) Dairy mixing with fruit.

(Bubble 8: Two people, who have speech bubbles with indistinct contents. The caption reads:) Revisiting high school trauma.

(Bubble 9: A stick figure standing near the edge of a cliff. The caption reads:) Heights.

(Bubble 10: An indistinct mass of people. The caption reads:) Crowds.

(Bubble 11: A small black bug. The caption reads:) Ticks


Panel 2:

Sam: (A person who is looking directly at the viewer with lowered eyebrows, and an open mouth, which has downturned edges. Both arms are bent up at the shoulders and forward at the elbows, with hands near Sam’s head, palms open, but fingertips scrunched over.) I get all locked up inside my head & begin to imagine all the bad things that could happen.

(There are nine bubbles, each with a different drawing inside.)

(Bubble 1: Sam’s eyes, one closed, and both full of tears. The open eye has been stabbed by a pencil, it’s bleeding a little.)

(Bubble 2: Sam’s forearm, with a tick on it, and hand.)

(Bubble 3: Sam, in a collared shirt, with damp patches all over it.)

(Bubble 4: The word “AAAAH!!”)

(Bubble 5: A cream covered apple, with an open mouth, displaying its sharp teeth.)

(Bubble 6: A stick figure that has jumped off the cliff, and is now falling.)

(Bubble 7: A rat’s tail in the shape of an “M”.)

(Bubble 8: A big fire.)

(Bubble 9: Two stick figures running, one with a pitchfork, and the other with a flaming torch.)


Panel 3:

Sam: (A person who is looking directly at the viewer, with raised eyebrows, which are pushed together slightly, and eyes are full of tears. Mouth is open, with slightly downturned edges, arms are bent up at the shoulders and elbows, and hands are on the sides of Sam’s head. Both Sam, and Sam’s speech bubble are covered in ticks and slugs.) Sometimes it gets a little out of control and I feel bad about how crazy I can be.

(The background is a huge, smoke belching fire, which is filled with cream covered fanged fruit, rat tails, stick figures running with a pitchfork, and a flaming torch, and the word “ARRGH!!”.)


Panel 4:

Sam: (A person who is sitting on a chair, at a table, and facing away from, but looking directly at, the viewer. Eyebrows are raised and mouth is open, with upturned edges. One arm is bent forward at the elbow, its hand open, palm facing up. The other is holding a pencil to paper, which is covered in bright colour. There are ribbons of every colour in the rainbow leaping out of the paper.) Which is why it’s important to remember that while imagination has its drawbacks, it’s also pretty awesome too.

(Surrounding Sam, the chair, table, and ribbons, are stars, circles, triangles and swirls in every colour of the rainbow. There are drawings of Sam’s head, and Joe’s, both with open mouths with upturned edges. There are also a number of stick figures.)


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