Who we are

DPSN, or Diversity Promotion through Social Networking, is a project which aims to stimulate conversations about diversity, creativity and social change.  The project, run by Diversity New Zealand, began in 2009 as an online and offline peer support network.

DPSN has evolved considerably over the past five years.  In 2012 we began to increase our online presence as a recognition of the important role technology has to play in bringing together diverse communities of people, and fostering changes in attitudes around diversity, acceptance and inclusion.

What we do

DPSN aims to build and bring together a diverse community of people on the margins of society, who may not normally network with each other, to engage in conversation about diversity, creativity and social change. In doing so, we hope to both achieve changes in attitudes around diversity, acceptance and inclusion and foster a leadership approach to social change.

How we work

DPSN posts a weekly blog which discusses current issues and personal reflections from people from a variety of diverse populations, such as Deaf and disabled, the Rainbow community and mental health consumers.  We also feature regular guest bloggers, and re-post relevant blogs from other sites with permission, as well as take part in creative projects like MyFilm, the 100 Days Project and You Mean a Lot to Me (#UMAL2M).

If you’d like to write for DPSN, or know someone you think we should contact about a blog or an interview, please email Sam Orchard (sam@diversitynz.com).

How you can join us

If you are interested in participating in our discussions, you can follow our blog, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or take part in one of our creative projects.

If you would like to write a blog please contact us. We are happy to post blogs from both individuals and groups.

Contact us

Barbara Pike, DPSN Content Manager at barbara@diversitynz.com

Anna Nelson, Social Media Moderator at anna@diversitynz.com

Sam Orchard, Executive Assistant for Diversity New Zealand (which powers DPSN) at sam@diversitynz.com

Comment Policy and FAQ

Read our commenting policy here.

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