My Experience with Debauchery

My Experience with Debauchery: Did you know people with disabilities are capable of debauchery and excessive behaviour? I don’t see this topic discussed openly very often, and I think this is a shame.


Understanding addiction

What do you think of when I talk about addiction?  Maybe wild parties, immoral people without boundaries, illicit drug use, a debaucherous lifestyle?  Perhaps you imagine the popular idea of an “addict” – someone who either can’t control themselves or makes a choice to take drugs to the detriment of their own wellbeing.

DPSN Vlog: Compassion

This month we chat to Julie, who runs a group called Drumbeat – a group for parents, caregivers and people who care for young people who are gender questioning.

Receiving compassion

I suppose you could say I’ve had a bit of a rough start to the year.  Some stomach issues which started just before Christmas 2017 cumulated in finding out I had acute cholecystitis – a condition where gallstones had blocked my bile duct, causing inflammation and a host of other more serious health risks.  I had to have a cholecystectomy (surgery to have my gallbladder removed) urgently, exactly one week before going on a three week holiday in Vietnam!

Vlog: Attitude

It’s attitude month on DPSN, and we chatted to Georgia from ITANZ and Intersex Youth Aotearoa, about changing attitudes towards intersex people