A quick word on aging

My birthday’s coming up soon. Looking in the mirror, I seem to notice a new wrinkle on my face almost every day, lately, although that might be just the thought of getting another year older making my imagination work overtime!

It’s strange how when we’re young, some of us can’t wait to be grown up. But when we become adults, people often talk about birthdays as if they are something to be afraid of. I heard someone the other day say, “I’ll be ‘the big 3-0’ soon!”, with a frightened look on her face. It made me take notice of her words, because when this birthday has passed, I’ll be ‘the big a-lot-more-than-that’.

Birthdays measure time passing; and with time, people get older. It’s just the way it is. But are those changes we go through as we age something to be frightened of?

Nikki’s Natter – Observations on romance and disability

I belong to quite a few Facebook groups based around disability, and I’ve noticed one topic in particular that keeps coming up – and that’s romance. It’s no surprise I think. From childhood, people are convinced by book and movie writers that it’s the ultimate dream; find a handsome Prince (or pretty Princess!), get married, live happily ever after.

Nikki’s Natter – Where are the Wheel Blacks…and all our other awesome athletes?

As I write this, the NZ Para Swimming Team have just returned from the Glasgow IPC Swimming World Championships. The team of eight elite athletes scored a total of 16 medals (eight gold, six silver and two bronze), making New Zealand the country with the highest per capita medal total at the games – and that’s without mentioning the personal bests and championship records (two by Mary Fisher, and one by Sophie Pascoe).