A Digital Storytelling Workshop partnership between DPSN and multimedia organisation MIC Toi Rerehiko.

Digital Storytelling encourages people to tell their story on film, ranging from standard “head and shoulder” documentary style with linear storylines, to more poetic and visually creative pieces that are less about story and more about individual feelings and ideas.

The Workshop starts with introductions and group discussion on each individuals story and ideas. As each participant develops their own concepts, they begin to write out and storyboard their film.

Once the main concept is finalised, participants go on to learn filming, sound recording, voice over and scanning of non-digital elements such as photos and drawings. Finally, they learn to use digital editing software to complete their film for burning onto DVD and/or streaming over the internet.

2011 films

OPEN YOUR EYES by Allyson Hamblett

CANDICE by Candice Stock

THERE IS A WAY by Keegan Lewis

SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL by Cathy de Seton

EXQUISITE BEINGS by Ursula Cranmer

THE TRINITY by Julian Morris

2010 films

Double Reflections – by Katherine Rees
Each window is different, it’s important to appreciate the views in each of them.

The Cliff – by Logan Ford
A story about losing a brother, inspired by real events.

My Mardi Gras 2010 – by Shaun McKinney
The story of my trip to Sydney on the AirNZ Pink Flight to attend Sydney’s Mardi Gras Parade.

Butterfly – by Anna Nelson
The journey of a butterfly in one day and one lifetime. Symbolic imagery, an overtone of my life.

The Gift: A language with no spoken words – by Ursula Cranmer
My artworks are poetic painted abstractions with no words. My son is God’s artwork; a child with no words. He radiates abstractions of love, joy and purity. No need for words.

A Rough Raw Trip – by Torrin Hona
This is the story of my journey to independence – the warts and all version!

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