Generosity from inside WINZ

Most people in New Zealand would think that a visit to WINZ (Work and Income New Zealand) would not particularly ring of generosity. But I experienced an appointment with WINZ that was a little different…


Generosity and Conflict – A Mighty Combo

Philip Patston writes, conflict needs generosity to heal. It needs a commitment to suspend judgement and seek solutions. But most of all it needs the person who feels aggrieved to model what they want from those by whom they feel offended. It’s a tough pill to swallow and a lesson in counter-intuition. And it’s a very, very effective recipe for conflict resolution, I promise you.

When generosity doesn’t work

I have a strong value around generosity in my life.  I like to give to others, whether it be time, energy, or money/resources (when I can afford it).  I try to be a giving and generous friend, partner, family member and employee. I’ve based my whole career as a therapist around being generous – giving freely of my emotional energy and support to others.  This isn’t always a good thing.

My Experience with Debauchery

My Experience with Debauchery: Did you know people with disabilities are capable of debauchery and excessive behaviour? I don’t see this topic discussed openly very often, and I think this is a shame.

Understanding addiction

What do you think of when I talk about addiction?  Maybe wild parties, immoral people without boundaries, illicit drug use, a debaucherous lifestyle?  Perhaps you imagine the popular idea of an “addict” – someone who either can’t control themselves or makes a choice to take drugs to the detriment of their own wellbeing.