DPSN Team Favourites: My Common is Unique (Anna)

As this year starts and not long after Chinese New Year – the year of the Rooster – I am considering my professional career and where I am going. This blog about My common work life being unique for others is a timely reminder that I know the rhyme and reason I do things the way I need to. Taking my time, or giving my time, or allowing my time is all important ways to manage my own success in life and career. My wish for 2017 – Remember your rhythm, know your own unique pattern and live a full life. – Anna

DPSN Team Favourites: The language of suffering (Sam)

The Language of Suffering was such an interesting blog post – I came across it before I started working for DPSN and I was working in the mental health sector. It stirred enough in me that I decided to comment (something I rarely do! ha!), and it’s still something I’m getting my head around – how do we talk about the hard stuff of mental illness, as well as balancing it with the positives that our unique brains bring us? What I took away from this post was that giving blanket rules about how to talk about Mental Illness isn’t helpful, because all our experiences, and ways of talking about it are – as always – diverse! – Sam

DPSN Team Favourites: Depression – a common problem with a unique resolution (Barbara)

Hello and happy new year! DPSN is back online and we thought we’d kick off February with a few of our favourite blogs of all time. I start with a little blog I wrote back in June last year as part of our ‘common and unique month’. Why is it my favourite? I don’t write much about my personal experience of depression any more. As someone who now works in mental health, my focus is more often on therapy, recovery and the mental health industry as a whole. But in reality, going through my own struggle is at the heart of why I ended up working where I am. As we move into a new year it feels good remind myself why I do the work that I do; and how incredibly grateful I am to be able to do it.