I believe in Angels

Every second month Anna shares her musings, personal insights, and observations of our diverse lives. We all have our own individual beliefs, which often vary and can be hugely diverse. Personally, I believe in angels. I note that the dictionary describes angels as ‘one of a class of spiritual beings; a celestial attendant of God.’

Beliefs Vlog

This month’s DPSN theme is beliefs and we chat to Duncan at Rainbow Youth about what happens when people’s belief’s conflict with the work he does.

The conversation for change – are you part of it?

In his 2010 Venus Project lecture, Jacque Fresco questioned society’s values, assumptions, beliefs, even language. Why do we get upset about swear words, when we don’t even mean what the words mean (bullshit has nothing to do with shit from bulls)? Laws are made when humans don’t know how to fix a problem. Politicians were relevant 100 years ago, but now what they do machines could do more efficiently.

It’s Beliefs month on DPSN – are you aware of your own bias?

This month’s theme on DPSN is ‘beliefs’. It’s remarkable how good we can be at holding on to some of these beliefs, despite all evidence to the contrary. Some of the more recognisable ones are the bandwagon effect (believing something just because many other people believe it), the ostrich effect (burying your head in the sand, or ignoring bad news), and stereotyping.