My Body

I strut around my world forgetting how I appear to others when I walk. Then I’ll catch a glimpse of my reflection and be reminded of the iconic ‘Anna waddle’. But I tend to just shrug it off and carry on.

Nikki’s Natter – There’s something in the airbrush

This morning, my husband and I sat down together and watched a bit of MTV. Now, I’m getting a bit too old for that sort of thing, I freely admit it – but as I love music, and haven’t caught up with the latest fashions in that area for a very long time, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what’s “new”.

The conversation for change – are you part of it?

In his 2010 Venus Project lecture, Jacque Fresco questioned society’s values, assumptions, beliefs, even language. Why do we get upset about swear words, when we don’t even mean what the words mean (bullshit has nothing to do with shit from bulls)? Laws are made when humans don’t know how to fix a problem. Politicians were relevant 100 years ago, but now what they do machines could do more efficiently.