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It’s that time of the year again…the Christmas/holiday season is upon us at last.  

DPSN has been running now, in one form or another, for 10 years!  We’ve come a long way in that time, from our humble beginnings as the Diversityworks Peer Support Network, through to our latest iteration as a weekly blog and Facebook page.  We’ve seen our hugely successful MyFilm, 100 Days and #UMAL2M projects. And in the last four years we’ve welcomed on board some fantastic regular guest bloggers.

Imagination and Anxiety

Imagination and Anxiety: This is a comic I wrote way back in 2010 – to express my theory about my imagination and my anxiety

The science of imagination

I have a confession to make (but it’s not such a bad one). TED, a worldwide organisation which brings together speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity, has a Youtube channel entirely devoted to short educational videos on a wide range of topics.  My confession is that I’ve been slightly addicted to watching them lately, finding myself lost in a spiral of absorbing information on everything from how you digest food to how people lived in ancient Rome. They’re fascinating, and I strongly suggest you try them out.

The future of work

As someone who works a regular 8.30am to 5.00pm job (plus extra…), I read with interest about a New Zealand trust management company, Perpetual Guardian, and their trial of a four day working week.  That’s working a 32 hour week, for the same salary as a full time employee.


Now that I have your attention…death can be a very depressing subject. But in the English language, there are many sayings involving death. When we laugh really hard, we say we have “died laughing”. When a performer live on stage feels a bad “vibe” from their audience, they may say they “died on stage” (although I’m sure this has never happened to any of the performers I know!)

Most people I know think of death as the end of everything, but many religions consider death to be only the beginning of another stage of life.

At 52, I am probably more than halfway on the journey to my own death, unless some clever scientist invents a way to live forever, or at least for more than 104 years.

Allyson Hamblett – I am an artist

Allyson Hamblett is an artist and a long-time disability and transgender rights advocate.  This week, she tells us about Arts Access Aotearoa’s “I Am an Artist campaign”, which aims to change people’s attitudes and perceptions by promoting the work of artists who experience disability. Society holds many preconceptions about disability, based on fear of the…

100 Days 2014 is coming…tell us who means a lot to you!

The 100 Days Project, started in New Zealand by designer Emma Rogan, has one simple premise: for 100 days you must repeat a creative task of your choosing.  It must be repeated in some form every day and documented for eventual presentation.  There are no other rules and the medium is completely open.  100 Days…