Check your privilege at the door

Our DPSN theme for November is ‘Power and privilege’ – we thought this would be timely given election season has just passed!  Power and privilege can affect our lives in many ways; either because we have it, or because we don’t.  We’ve asked our bloggers this month to share their thoughts on power and privilege, and how it shapes the world around them.  We want to hear your thoughts on power and privilege too, so let us know in the comments below, or jump over to our Facebook page to join the conversation.

Censored by the census

Last week, on Tuesday 5th of March, the nation of New Zealand took part in the 2013 Census . I noticed that the question ‘why’ was repeatedly asked by the general population.  There was also a prolific television campaign encouraging people to fill out the forms and explaining why the census is important.

Welfare reforms are no benefit

The National Government’s Social Security Amendment (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Bill is now before the Social Services Select Committee.  The first part of the bill focuses on youth and sole parents, while the second is about merging the benefit categories, increasing work expectations and introduces a number of new obligations for people who receive…