DPSN Team Favourites: My Common is Unique (Anna)

As this year starts and not long after Chinese New Year – the year of the Rooster – I am considering my professional career and where I am going. This blog about My common work life being unique for others is a timely reminder that I know the rhyme and reason I do things the way I need to. Taking my time, or giving my time, or allowing my time is all important ways to manage my own success in life and career. My wish for 2017 – Remember your rhythm, know your own unique pattern and live a full life. – Anna


DPSN Vlog: Self Care

In this week’s vlog Philip Patston chats about what self-care means to him.

The worst bad habit I can think of is…

Just for fun, this month’s theme on DPSN is ‘bad habits’.  We’ve given our bloggers the chance to highlight what they think the worst bad habits of others are…or, if they are brave enough, to reveal to you their own!  As always, we’re keen for you to be part of the conversation, so let us…

Chelle Hope

Chronic illness, welfare and trolls…oh my!

Chelle Hope is a writer who is, regrettably, finding less time for being idle these days as the demand for attention from her inner voice grows louder and more urgent.  As a lesbian with disabilities, she is interested in how identity informs how we see ourselves and others.  In this week’s guest blog, she responds…