The strange death of a stranger

It’s always something of a shock when well-known strangers like Charlotte Dawson kill themselves, although her death was back in 2014. I felt the same when Greg King suicided in November 2012.

They feel familiar and yet they’re not. You feel sad but there’s no relationship to mourn. Life goes on with nothing missing.

Perhaps there’s even a subconscious, yet obviously false, belief that someone so well-known would have something to live for. Everything even.

Connecting in

Our DPSN theme for August is ‘Connection’.  Connection is a hugely important part of the human experience and this month we’ve asked our bloggers to reflect on how they connect to others, themselves or the world around them.  We want to hear your thoughts on connection too, so let us know in the comments below, or jump over to our Facebook page to join the conversation.

How are you?

Rachel is a writer and ex-teacher. She is passionate about advocacy for people like herself, with rare, chronic or invisible disabilities. She has a neurological disorder called Pandysautonomia. She blogs about it (and other things) on The Chronic-ills of Rach.  In this weeks guest blog, she shares what goes through her head when people ask…

100 Days of Meaning and Belonging

In celebration of our 100 days project: You Mean A Lot To Me here’s  a look back at the videos Top 5 most viewed videos: 5) Shaz: 4) Cate: 3) Whetu (and many others): 2) Anna: 1) Hilary and Mike:   Who were the videos made about (relationship)? The infographic shows circles…