Vlog: Uniqueness and Commonality

This month is all about uniqueness and commonality – so we (I) spoke to Sam (also me…. yes, I talked to myself) about my experiences of difference and connection at high school, as a person who is queer and trans. I also do a shout out for the I’m Local Project and their givealittle campaign

Pride Vlog

This month we are focusing on the theme of Pride, so we asked a few folks to talk about what pride means to them – here’s what they had to say.   This video features: Alex Martin, a queer and trans tech worker and comic creator. You can find him online on twitter Cole Meyers,…

Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura DPSN Vlog

This month I speak to Elizabeth and Sandra about Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura – Outing Violence For some reason my camera cut off half of Elizabeth’s face so I had to use my photo shop skills to animate the video instead of showing them talking for real. Hopefully you still get the impact of their…

Speculative Relationships

This week we look at Speculative Relationships – a Sci Fi and Romance comic anthology. Creator Tyrell and Artist Isabella discuss putting together the anthology, the challenges, the lessons that can be learned from diverse storytelling, and diversity in comics. Check out their sites below: Tumblr: http://speculativerelationships.tumbl… Twitter: https://twitter.com/SciFiRomanceCom

Do rainbows make a difference?

Unless you’ve been tucked away under a rock somewhere, you likely would have seen the recent news that the US Supreme Court has ruled all 50 states in the nation must carry out and recognise marriages between people of the same sex.  This makes the US the 21st country or territory in the world to…