Inclusive Environments

how do we create space for rainbow people in a world that operates on the assumption that we’re straight and cis until we say we’re not? AND, how do we make sure that our rainbow spaces are inclusive of all people – that we’re not perpetuating racism, ableism, misogyny, or even policing people’s sexualities and genders?

DPSN Vlog: Change

This month we interviewed Julie Watson to talk to us about the change people go through when entering aged-care facilities, and how she works to change the sector to make it more friendly to the Rainbow Community with the Silver Rainbow programme.

Speeding bus, blurred motion. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, USA.

Welcome back! It’s Pride month on DPSN

Happy New Year, and welcome back to our blog!  DPSN aims to build and bring together a community of people to engage in conversation about diversity, creativity and social change. In doing so, we hope to both achieve changes in attitudes about diversity, acceptance and inclusion as well as foster a leadership approach to social…