The passion – compassion – pity – contempt chain

Most close relationships — be they parental, friendships, intimate or professional — begin with passion. We see all the good things — the cuteness, the interesting ideas, the good looks, the skills, the strengths.

As the relationship matures and develops, we need to bring in compassion. This allows us to understand and excuse the naughtiness, the lateness, the strange habits, the occasional inflexibility, the weaknesses.

The introversion extroversion redux

April has been nominated as ‘space’ month on DPSN.  We’ve asked our bloggers to let us know what they think of in relation to the concept of ‘space’ – whether it’s the literal, physical space around them, mental space, emotional space, space in relationships or the space out there in the universe!  As always, we’re…

Nikki’s Natter – Observations on romance and disability

I belong to quite a few Facebook groups based around disability, and I’ve noticed one topic in particular that keeps coming up – and that’s romance. It’s no surprise I think. From childhood, people are convinced by book and movie writers that it’s the ultimate dream; find a handsome Prince (or pretty Princess!), get married, live happily ever after.

The pressure to conform

I went to a wedding of a family friend the other day.  I don’t really have any regular contact with this person – I only see them once every few years at family gatherings – so I was a little surprised to be invited.  However, I thought it was nice to be considered as weddings…