OPD (Obsessive Productivity Disorder)

Did you know that NZ has a Productivity Commission? I didn’t, until I Googled ‘productivity’ in order to write this blog. According to the website, “The Government has asked the Commission to investigate how to make overall improvements in the design and operation of regulatory regimes in New Zealand.”

Productivity is defined by Statistics New Zealand as “a measure of how efficiently production inputs are being used within the economy to produce output.” It goes on to say that a key determinant of a nation’s standard of living is an improvement in productivity.

But have we gone too far with productivity? Has it become an obsession? Do we conflate the meaning of productivity with stress, busyness and over-achievement?

On taking advice

Last month I wrote a little blog about how, as a therapist, I try really hard not to give my clients any direct ‘advice’.  I do offer to teach people different strategies, which may be more or less helpful for managing particular types of problems.  But I try really hard not to tell people what…

Slow down or die!

Over the past year my blood pressure (BP) has been of concern to my nurse.  On her recommendation I saw my doctor, who prescribed a 24 hour blood pressure monitor to get a better picture of the situation. I was relieved to see that the results did not indicate I have a serious blood pressure…

Stress Kills

In this high pressure society, whether you’re working or studying, stress is often a factor at some stage – possibly even multiple stages! Live Science says: “Growing evidence shows that our sensitivity to stress as adults is already “tuned,” so to speak, in infancy, according to the review article. Specifically, the amount of stress encountered…